Residential Electrical Services in VA, DC, MD

-Appliance circuits
-Appliance replacement
-Attic Fans installation
-Bath GFI Outlets
-Cable TV Wiring
-Ceiling Fans installation
-Data and telephone wiring
-Dedicated circuits
-Dimmer Switches
-Dimmer Switches Bath Fans
-Electrical Outlets
-Electrical Switches
-Exhaust Fan
-Fireplace outlets
-Flat screen TV
-Installation Fuse panel upgrade
-GFCI Outlets installation
-Hanging chandeliers
-Hanging lights
-Installation, replacement
-Installing security Lighting
-Intercom wiring
-Landscape Lighting
-Light Fixtures installation
-Low Voltage Lighting
-Microwave Circuits
-Panels Upgrades
-Recessed Lightings
-Refrigerator wiring
-Renovation Wiring
-Sensor Lights & Switches
-Smoke Detectors installation
-Solar attic fans installation
-Stove wiring
-Telephone Wiring
-Track Lighting installation
-Under Cabinet Lighting
-Washer dryer outlets
-Whole house fans, and more

Electrical Service Upgrades

Do you wonder if your electrical service is safe, or you need a service upgrade. In order to determine such issue please consider the following important factors:

-If your home is old, and the service original equipment is old as well, especially if it was build 40 years ago and never had a service upgrade, then you might need one now.
Please contact us at 703-675-1439 and our master electrician Mr. Joseph Nasr will give you the best advice.

-If you have fuses instead of a circuit breaker then you need electrical service upgrade, because fuses were outdated since the years 1960s, please call us and request an electrical inspection that must be done by a professional electrician.

-If you are adding an addition or remodeling your house in a way that will add extra more space to your house especially when remodeling a kitchen, then you have to think about the additional equipments and appliances that will add more load to your existing panel, in this case most probably you need a electrical service upgrade.

-If you have a Federal Pacific Panel then definitely you need an electrical service upgrade, because these 1960s and 1970s cheap panels are a high risk, and a fire hazard, their breakers won’t trip when needed and can cause instant fire in your house.

-Please keep in mind that the electrical service panel is the most important electrical unit in your house and should be inspected and must be kept in a good condition to protect your home and family from fire or electrical shock.

Preventive Maintenance

Many people will not care about maintaining their homes unless they are buying a new house when they put their house for sale, to live safe in your home and have your appliances run smoothly there is a minimum requirement that you need to do, this is called preventive maintenance.
Please call NASR Electric Inc. for a home inspection to make sure that there is no hidden problem that’s hard to identify by a non professional electrician.
We will check many points including connections in the breaker panel for the proper torque, loose electrical connections cause heat and sparks and might cause power loss.
We can test outlets and wiring all over your house.

New Electrical Service

When we work on wiring your new homes or new additions, we do the work according to the national electrical code and your state code; we make sure that every part of your new home is wired properly according to the highest safety standards in the industry. The electrical materials that we use are of the highest quality, not like other electrical contractors who wire your home or addition to the lowest code standards just running on the lowest budget to safely power a home.
Our electrical materials and workmanship are of the highest quality to provide you with the peace of mind for years to come. When we wire your home we make sure that we are doing all work properly and conveniently by working with the home owner on making sure to install proper lighting and install outlets at the most useful and convenient places of your new home.
We will make a difference when working with designers and builders closely to install the best layout and most convenient switching and lighting. Our Residential electrical service offers a peace of mind during the wiring project of your new home or your home addition by being able to supply you with all the drawing, permits, designs and fixtures.
We will present a complete and accurate estimate of all your costs before starting your project, so you’ll have a complete understanding of your project and you’ll be able to manage and plan ahead your time and budget.
When you deal with Nasr Electric Inc. You will be amazed of the quality and the swift electrical installation that is guaranteed to be very professional, very clean and in a timely manner as promised, there will be no time wasted on finishing your new electrical home project.


NASR Electric Inc. can troubleshoot the electrical problem that you are having in your home and generally make the repair within the first hour of visiting you home. In the event where we find out that your issue is a larger problem, in this case we provide an estimate on the repair before any work is done, so you will be aware of the situation and what to expect.
Our electricians supervised by our master electrician Mr. Joseph NASR can identify the problem in a timely manner.
If it happened where you hired someone else that could not figure out your electrical problem, please call us and we can take care of your issue and quick at the first visit. If you have switches or outlets that are not working or if you have dimming lights, please give us a call, and please do not take such issues lightly, such outlets, receptacles, switches and dimming lights can cause a house fire that can be avoided safely.

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NASR Electric, Inc. provides electrical services in Washington DC area in a timely and professional manner, our electricians are committed to complete every project with the utmost care. Please call for the best electricians in Washington DC and in the industry.

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