Additions & Remodeling

Electrical Kitchen Remodeling:

  • All outlets serving countertop surfaces are to be GFCI
  • Dedicated circuit for dishwasher
  • Dedicated circuit for garbage disposal
  • Dedicated circuit for microwave
  • Install one or more receptacle outlet at each island counter space
  • Install outlets at all countertops
  • Light fixture housings must be airtight
  • Light fixtures that are to be recessed into insulated ceilings
  • Two 20 amp dedicated small appliance circuits

Bathroom Electrical Remodeling:

  • HVAC electrical repairs
  • Proper lighting is needed in bathrooms
  • Light fixtures in older bathrooms need to be relocated
  • Old fixtures become outdated and unattractive
  • Upgrade hot water heater when it becomes inefficient
  • Update electrical  outlets to accommodate new  usage
  • Damage of electrical equipments due to constant moisture exposure
  • Existing electrical arrangement is becoming non functional
  • Tired of old style and looking for change
  • Just moved to a new house and the electrical setup is not addressing your needs
Nasr Electric the Electrical Remodeling Specialists

If you are expending your home with upgrades or additions or basement finish, almost all of the home improvement projects has to included wiring projects especially when you redesign your walls since lot of wirings hide inside them.
Whether you’re having a major or minor remodeling project, please consider NASR Electric, from new fixture or electrical installation, to data or phone wiring. Whether it’s a new lighting fixture installation or electrical, data and phone wiring, we can help. Our Master electrician Mr. Joseph Nasr understands all homeowners concerns, after all he is a home owner and master electrician himself and will treat your project with extreme attention to details to ensure that your remodeling project is done without damage.
Nasr electric is your best selection for all your electrical remodeling projects in Northern VA, DC and Montgomery County, MD.

Considering Electrical Remodeling in your home?

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